The First Step to Creating ANY Business ASAP (Getting “Pitch Ready”) - Episode 11

Boss Talk with Chris Ellis

07-03-2023 • 16 mins

"Can you create a successful business while avoiding interactions with strangers?"


But new business owners are somehow convinced they can. Because of that, I made this episode to set the record straight once and for all. CONVERSATION CREATES CUSTOMERS.

Today’s episode is...

The First Step to Creating ANY Business ASAP (Getting “Pitch Ready”)

What happens in this episode?

In this episode I cover the first and most important step in the No B.S. Start-Up Checklist… Make Your Business Idea “Pitch-Ready”.

Why is this episode so important?

Conversation creates customers and this episode explains three simple but powerful things you can do to help you engage potential customers in the kind of conversation that will… GET. YOU. PAID.

Episode Highlights / Recommendations

  • You’ve got to create a Boss Ass Introduction to yourself that clearly explains your product and service.
  • If you’re going to start your business ASAP you’ve got to turn your big ideas to simple “starter products / services”.
  • Don’t underestimate the power of knowing the ins and outs of how you provide your service from start to finish. People will quiz you!


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