I Thought Talent Meant Everything… Until I Was Homeless - Episode 3

Boss Talk with Chris Ellis

31-08-2021 • 27 mins

In this episode I get super vulnerable and super candid about what it’s like to be smart, likable, talented, etc. AND STILL COMPLETELY FAIL AT LIFE.

That’s what’s going down today on "Boss Talk", the show that teaches how to avoid the most common mistakes amateurs make when trying to become entrepreneurs.

Today’s episode is...

“I Thought Talent Meant Everything…

Until I Was Homeless”

What is this episode about?

I show you how my stubborn belief that “more talent = greater access to success” left me homeless, depressed, broken and suicidal. More importantly, I’m going to demystify the power of talent and explain the TRUE SECRET to success. It’s a secret that turned my entire life around.

Why is this episode so important?

It shows you how it’s possible to be your own catalyst for success, instead of being powerless to “play the hand you were dealt”.

Episode Highlights

  • I explain how and why talent is overrated and often powerless to open the doors you think they should.
  • I reveal how it’s possible to take “100% responsibility for your success” and its life-changing results.
  • How I got my biggest break in my career from a multi-millionaire business consultant in my field (during a global pandemic).

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