A No B.S. Guide for Creating ANY Business - Episode 10

Boss Talk with Chris Ellis

21-02-2023 • 17 mins

“What are the real steps for making real money, really fast? Is it possible to create a simple checklist to create any kind of business?”

These are the questions tackled in today's episode of "Boss Talk", the show that teaches how to avoid the most common mistakes amateurs make when trying to become entrepreneurs.

Today’s episode is...

A No B.S. Guide for Creating ANY Business.

What happens in this episode?

We recount my journey to find a definitive list that explains how to start any kind of business in less than 10 steps. Spoiler Alert! I didn’t, so I had to come up with the list myself.

Why is this episode so important?

Because it provides a simple 7-step checklist that provides instructions for turn any idea into a real income.

Episode Highlights

  • It’s important to avoid becoming a Paper CEO (AKA someone that’s only a “boss” in name only).
  • A true business operation is a step by step process that repeatedly and consistently turns strangers into customers.
  • Every functioning business has 7 critical components in order for it to work. If you don’t have them, you WILL struggle and/or go broke!


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