“What if You’re a Small Fish in a Big Pond? (Competition 101)” - Episode 9

Boss Talk with Chris Ellis

23-08-2022 • 29 mins

“Why would anyone want to buy anything from little ole me?”

For many of us (including me once upon a time) it’s inconceivable that we could compete with other bigger, more established brands. The good news is… YOU CAN… and the strategy isn’t as hard as you would imagine.

Today’s episode is...
“What if You’re a Small Fish in a Big Pond? (Competition 101)”

What happens in this episode?
I’m going to explain the three biggest mistakes people make when they try to compete with larger brands. Then I’m going to explain the simple strategy I use in my business to compete with the top business coaches in my own industry.

Why is this episode so important?
As the saying goes, “Cause scared money don’t make money.” Learning the ins and outs of how to be competitive will give you the backbone you need to finally say yes to your dream!

Episode Highlights

  • Faking it till you make it is not only a dumb strategy but it’s a dangerous one.
  • A boring but clear brand will ALWAYS outdo a clever marketing strategy.
  • “Business” is just the act of creating conversation that transitions strangers into customers.

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