How being product-led has helped Murtaza build a passionate community for Heartbeat

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21-02-2023 • 1 hr 13 mins

Murtaza Bambot is the cofounder and CEO of Heartbeat - an awesome platform for building online communities. It combines the powers of Slack, Notion, Luma, Meetsy, Zoom and other platforms that community builders often need to stitch to get a functioning community.

In this episode we talk about:

00:00 How Murtaza keeps it together when times are difficult
03:40 Favourite communities on Heartbeat
09:34 Heartbeat's community Hearth - how it started and how it helps them
19:47 How Murtaza thinks about hiring as an early stage founder
28:11 Day to day work as co-founder at Heartbeat
36:24 How Murtaza learnt to code even after failing coding classes in college
39:46 Why Murtaza quit building to focus on selling
43:55 How to nail down sales as an introvert
49:53 Homeless but keeping it all together by being mission oriented
58:54 Building your (interconnected) network
01:05:29 Doubling down on what works

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