Vrat Kathayein

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Welcome to "Vrat Kathayein" by Priyanka Singh, exclusively on AudioPitara. Join Priyanka as she takes you on a spiritual journey, unravelling the rich tapestry of fasting traditions from across India. In each episode, Priyanka delves into the significance, rituals, and stories behind various vratas (fasts), offering a deeper understanding of their cultural and spiritual importance. From Navaratri to Karva Chauth, each vrat comes alive with Priyanka's engaging narration and insightful commentary. Whether you're a devout follower or simply curious about these age-old traditions, "Vrat Kathayein" promises to enrich your spiritual knowledge and inspire a deeper connection with these sacred practices. Subscribe now and tune in to "Vrat Kathayein" exclusively on AudioPitara. Embark on a spiritual journey like never before. read less
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