Narissa Goes Over the Edge

Starfleet Underground

30-03-2020 • 1 hr 13 mins

OK we've seen it all - Probing Wormholes, Narissa goes over the edge, The Sutra Switch-off, Elnor gets emotional, and Seven Holds hands... It's Episode 10 of Picard - Hey - Send us your comments! Go to Starfleet and click that Contact Us button! -Brought to you by Section 31- Nathan Adams Heather Ferris Rocky Robinson Fred Buetler Patrick Hall Chris Kim Warning! Spoilers for Star Trek: Picard S01-E10 1:00 Extra Large Crew today 1:10 Patrick Hall 1:30 Chris Kim Everyday is a good day to cry 2:00 Heather - Fred's tribbles make a mess 2:20 Tribble droppings are bigger than tribbles? 2:45 Man-scaping or Tribble? 3:08 Rocky - Not speaking of Man-scaping 3:50 Klingon Bidets - Hold on tight! 5:20 News of the week - Captain gets the story (phoned in!)- we talk anyway. 5:44 Season 2 Picard Writers 6:45 Discovery Post Production now working from home. Delays? 7:10 Video editing nerds discuss working from home 9:50 Writers are very productive working from home 10:15 Zoom meetings this week? Don't become the meme! 10:30 Home snack food room vs Work snack food room 12:20 Rumors 13:18 Captain Riker! (Twitter spoilers?) 14:20 Star Trek: Tribble 14:39 Sitcom like Cheers, but Quark's! 15:22 Whoopi and Q? 15:30 What's next? We can't wait! 16:20 Avengers vibe? 17:00 Wormhole with worms 17:37 Borg Directions not traveled 18:20 Kirk reborn? In the books at least? 19:00 Insurrection Alternatives 20:40 Discovery is coming soon. 21:00 Episode went ways expected and not? 21:12 Fascinating Spock Nod 21:37 Seven un-official news 22:00 Space Boner! 22:30 Season length vs Cinematic Episodes 23:20 10 Episode Story Arc vs one-off episodes 23:40 Captian Pike show? 25:50 The Orville 27:00 Probing Questions vs Questionable Probing 27:30 Seven vs. Narissa...Oh not yet. 27:50 Narek - sneaky bastard. 28:10 Enor's XBs conversation 28:50 Where Narissa ended up...Over the Edge? 30:47 Narissa's interest in brother's sex life? 31:35 Spock's look vs Narek? 32:33 Vulcans and Romulans (Don't talk about the Remans) 34:55 Jurarti sneaking and Optical security locks Another (EYE saw it!) 35:45 The Eyeball fetish 36:15 Androids...Powered by Ring! 36:36 When Soong tells Sutra 37:10 Sutra gets turned off. 37:30 Narek, Derrick, Elron, Enron, Elnor, whatever... 38:15 Imaginative Repairs 38:49 Heather's new assignment 39:30 Whip it out again! 40:00 Universal Boy Scout Screwdriver? 40:40 Whip out the lack of imagination 41:20 Monkey Paw 41:40 NOW we REALLY talk about Seven vs Narissa. 42:00 You're kinda pretty...Too bad you're a half-meat. 42:26 Narek - Self serving 43:50 Villain Writing 101 44:02 Elnor vs. Narek...The look like he will gut you from...It taint funny. 45:13 The Picard Maneuver 46:00 Picard back in the chair 46:46 Driving Manual vs Auto 47:22 Romulans shoot like Stormtroopers? 48:00 Sutra, you lost your data plan, bitch! 48:50 Picard's last conversation with Soji 50:13 When Riker came back 50:38 Heather called it! You were right! 51:42 Say Enterprise! SAY IT! Awww. 52:09 Worf predictions 52:30 Oh's Linked In profile. Oh is out! 53:22 Getting all those Romulan Ships 54:15 How fast these ships are 55:05 Alien Tentacles 55:50 Send in the hole probes for feeling around? 56:43 Butterfly! Symbol of rebirth. 57:10 Devastating moment 57:30 Raffi and Elnor 58:42 Balls-out Full Android! (or not) 1:00:09 Everything works, right? 1:00:35 Immortality...A can of worms? 1:01:36 Giving Data an ending...Blue Skies. 1:02:30 Rip out your heart, plunge it back in, rip it out... 1:03:56 Completing his journey to Humanity 1:05:01 The ending bridge scene 1:06:42 I love you too? 1:07:35 Picard Opening putting it all together 1:08:30 They didn't give him hair?! 1:09:30 Star Trek: Picard-Free! Until the end of April 23!!! Code: Gift Email: Website: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: