A/muse Episode 14 - Steve Shyu. "Headphones. Heart. Learn."

A/muse - Transforming lives through music. Interviews with artists, bands, musicians and those who love music

22-03-2021 • 40 mins

Episode 14 is a goodie! Steve Shyu is not only a music reviewer, but he also has his own radio show along and plays the guitar for 'Fire For Glory.'  His attention to detail is honestly awesome.  We had such a great chat, this episode went on a little longer than normal!

----- Steve Shyu, aka. Paul T Gheist, is a radio show host, DJ, music reviewer and musician. His new weekly rock show Ampstack Radio kicked off at the beginning of 2021 and has DJed at various bars around Tamaki Makaurau, playing electronic music, rock and heavy metal. Steve was also recently enlisted as a guitarist for punk rock group Fire For Glory, and also plays bass and violin. In his downtime, Steve enjoys reading music news, listening to music, and a good craft beer.

Links: Ampstack Radio: https://www.mixcloud.com/steve-shyu/ampstack-radio-with-paul-t-gheist-4-jan-2021/

Reviews by Steve: https://www.muzic.net.nz/articles/authors/32654