A/muse Episode 6 - Mathew of Magnalith/Domes - "Do the work."

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04-03-2021 • 26 mins

In episode 6, I get to sit down with the incredible Mathew Bosher.  This is an episode you don't wanna miss!


Mathew Bosher is a vocalist and guitarist (Domes, Magnalith, Decortica). He has been an independent artist and also on a major label; he launched Rothko Records to support his work. One of his projects was to create a new band from scratch, working remotely using agile principles and recording on a 1939 lightship moored on the River Thames 18,000 kilometres from home. He has toured internationally through Japan, South Africa and Australasia. He writes about music here: https://www.mathewbosher.com/tag/music/

Latest music:

Magnalith - Intimacy’s End - Spotify https://open.spotify.com/track/1WnfJgBiqJAHQUcpdqDpOX - Official music video https://youtu.be/IJ9DAWAya_s