A/muse Episode 16 - Dity Maharaj "Confidence. Truth. Passion"

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26-03-2021 • 37 mins

In episode 16, I sit down with Dity Maharaj from Coridian.  This is the second member of the band to feature on the show.  The great thing for this one is that he is the singer and we talk about his approach to write melody and lyrics to music.  Check it out! ---- A Little Dity Bio   Born in Fiji in the early 80s and migrating to NZ in the early 90s, growing up in a Hindu household, I picked up a lot of good wholesome values in my youth. By the time I was 11 our family was split when my parents divorced, the experience taught me a lot about staying true to oneself and to never compromise on your ambitions of a happier life. I spent my teens with my father, a very progressive Hindu, who encouraged me to walk down my own path in life, and pursue my own passion & interests.   I enjoyed music and singing, which was something I learnt from my mother. I always enjoyed Disney animated movies - Aladdin being an all time fav singalong. During my adolescence I took part in the school choir & musicals - learning piano and guitar as a hobby.    In my early 20s I went to Karaoke bars with friends, and it was there where I observed good mic techniques from a very talented Maori female singer.   It was not until I was in my mid 20s that I joined a casual rock band, which evolved to us taking ourselves more seriously as "Mile High". Over 5 years we reached many milestones together, but in 2013 decided to call it quits. After taking a year off music, I was itching to get back into the scene - to which my path led me teaming up with the Raven brothers - forming Coridian in 2015.

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