A/muse Episode 12 - DANI : "Creative. Challenge. Feel."

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17-03-2021 • 21 mins

Episode 12.  I sit down with one of my former students, DANI.  Her songwriting was an inspiration to a lot of other students at school and I discuss a couple of the tracks she wrote towards the end of her time at Waiuku College.  Check this episode out!


A blossoming Contemporary Christian artist from Auckland, New Zealand. An ordinary girl expressing her love for God and music to connect with a wider audience. From the beginning of her songwriting, DANI would find herself experimenting with different genres of music, finding different ways to speak her mind. She often speaks about real issues that occur in her life or finds inspiration through others.

“It’s a waste of a song if you’re just in it for the beat”.

DANI has always been serious about lyrics as she believes words impact other people. She strives to write songs that inspire or raise conversations. Diving deeper into her music, DANI narrates life and faith through its raw essence.

Instagram - @_musicallyrefreshed_ FaceBook - @MusicallyRefreshed Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/217IeU5VdM4Kl7dTojIqn7?si=sPFrpnhFRU6plyXFaANKyQ