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FlippO Websites Marketplace https://flippofficial.com/FlippO is a marketplace for four types of web properties: Websites, Social Accounts, Mobile Apps, and domain names. You can sell any of these on FlippO.com and the process is similar for all of them.Welcome to FlippO. Domains,Websites ,Apps & Social Media Marketplace where you can Sell or Buy your digital assets online.FlippO Marketplace delivers fair pricing low fees and dependable support. The website is organized and easy to navigate, making searching and purchasing digital assets a breeze.FlippO Marketplace provide you with Secure Trading environment, 24 7 Support , High Profit , Low Commissions, An amazing Bidding System and High Visibility for Buyers & Sellers .FlippO Websites Marketplace https://flippofficial.com/ read less
Selling Websites & Domains On FlippO
Selling Websites & Domains On FlippO
Selling Websites & Domains On FlippO https://flippofficial.com/ FlippO is a marketplace for four types of web properties: Websites, Domain Names, Mobile Apps, and Social Accounts . You can sell any of these on FlippO and the process is similar for all of them. FlippO take a 5% success fee ONLY!!! It's easy to get started selling on FlippO. On the home page, you'll see a big button that says “Start Selling”: When you click the button. FlippO will ask you to register https://flippofficial.com/ Next thing login to FlippO click create listing and select what kind of web property you're thinking about selling. FlippO doesn't vet any of their business listings require that you provide “Verification” Of the digital property you are about to sale. By adding 1. Upload Txt file to the root of your website by FTP or 2. Adding a TXT DNS Record for verification. FlippO will then lead you through creating your listing. FlippO will ask you starter questions about your business: What's the business name? What industry is it in? And so on... Then you get into the more advanced questions. If you know much about buying or selling web properties, you'll be prepared. Explain your income sources, talk about how you make money, possible weaknesses, opportunities for the new owner, staff size, and so on. It's basic stuff but do be prepared to spend time on this. Everything you put here will help potential buyers and allow you to sell your business faster for a higher profit. Start selling with us today at https://flippofficial.com/ #sellwebsite #selldomain #selldomainname #selladomain #selladomainname #selldomainnames #selldomains