Episode 82: Where is Your Vagina Pointing with Pilates For Your Privates Founder Alissa Alter

Show Up Fully with Chef Carla Contreras

26-10-2023 • 30 mins

Welcome to this week’s episode of Show Up Fully! I’m joined by Alissa Alter, certified Pilates instructor and founder of Pilates For Your Privates. She’s a former Broadway performer, a podcast host, an author, and the co-founder and Content & Community of the media platform, pstprtm.com.

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In my conversation, Alissa — also called the Amy Poehler of vaginas — shares her mission to destigmatize people with vagina's experience and body and normalize the conversation.

Alissa provides a LIVE demo to help you understand, Where Is Your Vagina Pointing? And highlights how her own physical recovery became the gateway to understanding both physical and emotional bodily responses.

Her energetic, yet educated approach around the topic of pelvic health serves as a reminder that we are our body’s best advocate.

Alissa describes ways to support pelvic health and why showing up fully means acknowledging all parts of ourselves.

Topics Covered:

● A demo of Alissa’s pelvic floor practice

● How vagina alignment played a role in Alissa's physical recovery

● Dialogue with the body about pain

● How change capitalizes on neuroplasticity as part of the healing process

● Tools for when you don’t want to show up and how to be present with it

● The power of normalizing conversations around advocating for yourself

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