EASIEST way to deal with scattered notes

Sidekick COO

17-11-2022 • 8 mins

What do you do with random notes in your notebook, Post-It notes around your office, or things you jotted down in an app? The answer is simple, but chances are you aren't doing it! If your desk is covered with "oh right I have to remember to..." notes, you need this entire episode of Sidekick COO.

00:00 Introduction
00:31 A simple change that fixed a client's calendar
01:53 The big question!
02:30 The key to the solution
03:11 Step-by-step solution
04:01 Important note about where you put your notes!
04:15 When to deal with your notes
04:30 How to handle an individual note
05:07 After putting it where it belongs, where does it go?
05:44 Reminder about the key to the solution!
05:55 What if you have a VA? (Not what you expect!)
06:48 The problem with letting your VA handle your notes
08:00 Summary of the Important Parts of Your Notes Process