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Children, Church & Mission - Rachel Turner & James Archer
Children, Church & Mission - Rachel Turner & James Archer
Season 3 // Episode 15   Rachel Turner is the founder of Parenting for Faith and has worked in churches for over 15 years as a Family Life Pastor, Children's Pastor, and a Youth Pastor. She runs training days for church leaders, consults and speaks at conferences on parenting and faith in the home. Rachel has also produced the Parenting for Faith course and is the author of nine books.   James Archer. Has worked in education for over 20 years and was a primary school educator and science advisor before becoming a Senior Lecturer in Primary Education at Canterbury Christ Church University. James started his Doctor of Ministry in 2018 from York St John University and is now the CEO for The Institute for Children, Youth and Mission.   Rachel’s book ‘It Takes a Church to Raise a Parent’ is available here: along with her author page for all the books she's released:    A great quote from today: “Talk and questioning and enabling the child to explore for themselves supported in a community of believers is the most authentic way to support and nurture faith in children.” - James Archer   James mentioned Sarah Holmes. Her work is available here:   The questions and format James mentioned for the Discovery Bible Study are:   1) Retell last week’s story. 2) How was your week? Anything need help with? 3) Read passage aloud three times 4) What does this tell me about god 5) What does this tell me about people? 6) If this is God’s word to me, what am I going to do about it? 7) Who am I going to tell about it?   Information about James, Rachel and the courses at the Institute for Children’s & Youth Mission is available from here: