The Fit At Home Podcast

Matt Schifferle

Tips, tools, and resources to help you maximize your home workouts, home gym, and healthy lifestyle. Home fitness can bring you a sense of both freedom and restriction. Working out at home to build strength, lose weight, or reduce stress can be great. It can also feel limited and boring if you don't continuously bring in new tools and strategies. That's why I (Matt Schifferle) and Al Painter have teamed up to bring you a podcast dedicated to helping you build the ultimate home gym and home fitness strategy. Every week, we share our top tips to help you break plateaus, get exceptional results and revel in all of the benefits home fitness has to offer without any of the drawbacks. Each weekly episode contains 6 action-ready tips you can immediately apply to improve your home workout and fitness strategies and experience results in 7 days. This is the ultimate no-fluff home fitness podcast. It's all juicy content you can immediately use. Because, when it comes to getting in the best shape of your life, threre's no place like home. read less
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