If My Mom Were ...

Midas & Catarina

I came up with 'If my mom were' on a regular school night while I (Midas) was having a silly conversation with my mom (Catarina) during dinner. We have lots of these fun conversations. This time, we were talking about professor Snape - mom calls him Snipe - and I was asked if that would be 'the one without the nose.' That's when I realised how much my mom doesn't know... You see, mom knows a lot about a lot, but she doesn't know a lot about a lot of other stuff! So I thought: how fun would it be to have my mom answer all kinds of questions she doesn't know the answer to?! After these episodes, you'll most likely be glad my mom isn't (i.e.) a Potterhead or a mechanic... New episodes every other Sunday at noon CET. read less