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Ep:16 Smart Business: Proactive Measures to Protect Your Business During a Recession
Ep:16 Smart Business: Proactive Measures to Protect Your Business During a Recession
Hello and Welcome to another episode of the Brave Pivot Podcast your go-to podcast for all things business and entrepreneurship. I’m excited and grateful that you are here. Thank you for spending your time with me! In this week’s episode, I am continuing with the same topic theme as the last two weeks. We are talking about the Recession. This is the third and final episode of the series. Just to recap on what I’ve covered thus far, I started with episode 14, on that episode, I took a deep dive into why launching a start-up during a recession might be your golden ticket to success. That episode is entitled 5 Tips on Why Starting a Business During a Recession is a Winning Move – In that episode, I shared some hidden opportunities and advantages that you can leverage to start your entrepreneurial journey and turn your small business dreams into reality. Next, in episode 15, I wanted to apply a different lens and share with you a different perspective regarding recessions. Instead of talking about the losses that each of those events resulted in, I want to change the focus and turn that around by talking about the gains. And in that episode, I shared historical insights and the invaluable lessons each recession has taught us. My goal for that episode in sharing those lessons was that you take those lessons and practical tips and apply those key learnings so that you can build a stronger and more resilient business. That episode is entitled: Recession 101 A Trip Down Memory Lane and the Lessons We Learned from Them  And on today’s episode, I will be closing the series by sharing with you some proactive measures and strategies that you can use to protect your business during a recession. By the end of this podcast, you'll have a clear understanding of how to protect your business during a recession and set yourself up for long-term success. So let's dive in and explore these 5 proactive measures and their associated strategies in detail.