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The Braw Cast - Braw Beard

04-09-2023 • 32 mins

The holidays might be over, but we're diving right back into some serious Braw beard business! Comedian Billy Kirkwood returns tonight as the host of a brand-new season of the Braw Cast. And what's more? We're kicking things off with a special live episode! Engage with us in real-time as we chat about a medley of random topics - from the Edinburgh Fringe and summer holidays to summer beards, the unexpected discovery of random kinks, and the joys of solo dining.

As always, we'll be giving our usual shoutouts, teasing upcoming guests, and giving you a sneak peek into what's in store for live shows and the much-anticipated Braw Beard and Moustache Championships. Whether you're a seasoned beard aficionado or just starting your beard journey, this episode promises a blend of humour, insights, and engaging discussions.

Here's the Braw Cast; we hope you enjoy it.

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