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We can look like we have money or we can actually have money. George wants you to have money, actually, he wants you to become a millionaire. The common-sense way. This podcast was created for the person who feels like they are in the midst of a financial whirlwind and can’t seem to design a path that works for them and get them the win that they want. They don’t see a path to millionaire status but they want to get there, it’s king overdue. George’s practical approach is no the get-rich-quick path, but rather the strategic approach to real life, daily habits, and a real plan that creates the win. He will give you the step-by-step play and be your family and business CFO. As the ultimate Chief Financial Officer, his simple tactics help you start leveraging your spending and taxes so that you can slide into that true wealth status. read less


EP 18: How To Understand & Handling the Fiscal Impact of Life's Biggest Changes (Marriage, Divorce, Children)
EP 18: How To Understand & Handling the Fiscal Impact of Life's Biggest Changes (Marriage, Divorce, Children)
What if tying the knot could knot up your finances, too? This episode of Common Sense Millionaire peels back the layers on how life-altering events such as marriage and divorce, could impact your finances. We’re taking a deep dive into the potential tax implications of that walk down the aisle - think merging credit files, determining to file taxes jointly or individually, and even the tax burdens you might unknowingly be stepping into with your partner. And don't worry, I've got our same-sex couples covered too. I'll also spotlight an essential safety net: innocent spouse relief. It's a lifeline for those blindsided by their partner’s financial fiascos.Switching lanes, we're going to dissect the financial fallout from divorce. Enlisting a tax specialist or attorney when navigating separation is crucial, especially when it involves determining child allocation for tax purposes. It's a complex path, but I'm going to be here to guide you through it without adding to your financial strain.  I trust you'll walk away with valuable insights to help you brave life's financial storms. And remember, I'm always here to tap into questions or concerns, so don't hesitate to get in touch.Thank you for listening to The Millionaire Mindset Podcast with George Dines. To connect with George visit www.georgedines.comTo Schedule a call with George visit: