114 - The Moon, The Myth, The Legend...Did we go, or No? ft. Dan Smotz

Church & Other Drugs

04-03-2019 • 1 hr 24 mins

Greetings, congregation! John and Jed start the show off by talking about the uber creepy, uber real Chinese social scoring system..revealing the perks and penalties of things like cheating on online video games. They also discuss what an addict's paradise would look like...and it's pretty similar to a Circle K. Then, Dan Smotz comes on (AGAIN...geez) to talk about his new crowd-funded documentary- The Moon, The Myth, The Legend. What's it all about? Well, none other than one of the granddaddies of all conspiracy theories-- was the moon landing faked? The answer may suprise you. Unless you're like John, a buzzkill. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-moon-the-myth-the-legend#/ churchandotherdrugs@gmail.com patreon.com/churchandotherdrugs The system is Down is found on all podcast outlets.