NH Unscripted with Sal Prizio from the Capitol Center for the Arts

NH Unscripted with Ray Dudley

16-12-2023 • 44 mins

CCA Executive Director Sal Prizio dropped by to talk the Bank of NH Stage venue. I was able to get him to discuss his own humble beginnings which included stories of him playing in a band when he was younger, his time as a restaurant owner and how he eventually came to overseeing the Capitol Center for the Arts and the Bank of NH Stage. They’re upped their community outreach programs as well and Sal proudly (rightly so) spoke of: “The first Culinary Artist-in-Residence…Batulo’s Kitchen, run by beloved local food vendor Batulo Mahamed, who specializes in Somali meat pies.”

A excellent inside look at how the CCA and Bank of NH Stage think and act!

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