How to Transition from High School to College on the Spectrum

Adulting with Autism

12-01-2024 • 21 mins

Embarking on the college journey as an individual with autism presents unique challenges and opportunities—ones that we unpack with raw honesty in our latest podcast. Here, you'll uncover the real questions to ask yourself before making that leap into higher education, ensuring your choice is authentically yours and not just a product of external expectations. We dive into the nuts and bolts of financial savvy—from dissecting the disparities in tuition costs to sharing actionable strategies that keep you from drowning in student loans. I'll walk you through what it takes to conquer standardized tests with less anxiety and how your GPA can be your golden ticket or your stumbling block. And for those baffled by the labyrinth of financial aid and FAFSA, we're lighting the way to clarity. Choosing where to plant your academic roots is pivotal, and we don't shy away from the tough conversations about what that entails. Through personal stories and expert insight, we explore why the campus vibe during active sessions is a must-experience, and how community colleges, despite their perks, might fall short for those needing autism-specific support. We also confront the elephant in the room: financial management, and why some parents may need to consider wielding a power of attorney to safeguard their offspring's fiscal future. And lest we forget those for whom traditional college isn't the right fit, we shine a spotlight on the promising prospects of vocational and technical schools. This episode is your compass to navigating the complex terrain of post-secondary education as a teen with autism.

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