Episode 221: Training performance, nitric oxide, blood flow, and more via the NNOXX device with Evan Peikon

Flex Diet Podcast

07-08-2023 • 1 hr 7 mins

  • [3:13] Issues with the current wearables market
  • [4:43] The process behind creating a new device
  • [8:22] Starting with muscle oxygenation
  • [17:32] Getting around  the difficulty of getting accurate non-invasive measurements
  • [26:23] Speed of muscle relaxation for efficiency
  • [33:16] VO2 measurement vs. SSMO2
  • [35:39] Why measure nitric oxide?
  • [44:02] Infrared thermography
  • [52:48] CrossFit games competitor example
  • [57:02] The NOXX device
  • [1:03:07] Heavy metal music discussion

Connect with Evan and learn more about NNOXX:

About Evan:

Evan is the co-founder and lead physiologist at NNOXX, where he and his team developed the first and only wearable device to non-invasively measure muscle oxygenation (SmO2) and nitric oxide (NO) release from red blood cells in real time.