All Life Coaches Aren't Equal - Dharius Daniels

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13-04-2022 • 3 mins

This is a clip from Loyalty & Leadership : The Dharius Daniels Story

Emotional intelligence specialist, speaker, and coach, Dr. Dharius Daniels is passionate about both business and spiritual transformation.With over 20 years of leadership experience he brings a fresh perspective on Emotional Intelligence, Identity, Leadership Ability, High Performance Habits, and so much more! Get ready for a master class on Loyalty and Leadership as we tap into major themes like :

- Leadership as influence and not solely a position ; the need leaders have to be self aware and self accepting.

- Changing Yourself Vs. Hacking Yourself : the power to produce long-term changes in your life by tweaking your approach and outlook on habits.

- The Process of Decommitting: what are the steps one should take to proactively and respectfully pivot on a decision that no longer is their best interest.

- Rhythm Vs. Being Centered : Our innate need as leaders to touch the areas of our lives without dropping them.

- The Head, Heart, Hands approach to life change : why leaders need to not just be motivational but transformational.

And so much more!

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