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Mike Florio

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Our Editor's Take

Pro Football Talk Live with Mike Florio is more specialized than the average NFL podcast. It covers every tidbit of NFL information imaginable. How long will a cornerback's suspension for that brutal helmet-to-helmet blow be? What fine will that offensive guard get for his run-in with the law? How close are the Steelers and that star wide receiver's agent on a deal? Is it true the Niners are trading their proven QB to the Browns in favor of starting a lesser-known? Those topics and more make up Pro Football Talk Live with Mike Florio

The namesake host has a well-earned reputation as a sports journalist. He is the author of the 2022 book Playmakers: How the NFL Really Works (And Doesn't). So it makes sense that his program excels at analyzing the inner business workings of the league. But Pro Football Talk Live offers human-interest stories and news for the casual fan as well. Florio is always on top of the latest injury news. Many times he's the first to announce a prognosis. And another big part of every show is his team's fantasy football rankings.

Football fans know Florio's name. He founded the website version of Pro Football Talk back in 2001 after a brief stint writing for ESPN. The site's success led to NBC Sports snapping it up and adding Florio as a contributor. He appears in the TV adaptation of Pro Football Talk Live. He also appears on Football Night in America, the lead-in show to NBC Sunday Night Football.

But the longtime highlight of Florio's brand of coverage has been his “Daily Rumor Mill.” It's the kind of tasteful-but-juicy journalism that's made the Pro Football Talk franchise such a hit. The Pro Football Talk Live podcast drops daily, with sometimes more than one episode coming out each day. With Florio, fans of the gridiron have a continual source for all things football.

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