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‘PhD from A to Z’: What can I do to maximise my PhD journey? | Academia et al.
‘PhD from A to Z’: What can I do to maximise my PhD journey? | Academia et al.
Is being a PhD researcher just a continuation of being a university student? No! This episode's guest, Dr. Jenny Chanfreau, shares advice on how to treat your PhD like a full-time job. Drawing from her experience of embarking on a PhD after working at the National Centre for Social Research (NatCen), the UK's largest independent social research institute, Dr Chanfreau offers valuable insights. Join hosts Alina and Keri as they and Jenny compare their journeys into PhD life, think about how to make the most of their new academic communities, and air some thoughts about the unique 'twilight' status of PhD researchers within universities - more professional than students but not quite fully-fledged staff - while discussing what universities can do to recognise and protect the contributions PhD researchers make to their department's operation. And as you approach the end of your PhD, the big question arises: now what? The episode explores the challenges of job applications, potential visa stress for international scholars, and the skills needed to stay in academia. It also covers the importance of showcasing your research, exploring post-doctoral opportunities, and dealing with feedback or rejection - it can be emotional! The discussion includes how to process feedback constructively and the surprising usefulness of memes in navigating this journey. Full show notes: