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There too many podcasts, and we're here to not help. 2manypodcasts is the musings of one Kyle Philip, an occasional comedian and son-in-law to an American icon, and dear Rob Smith, a musician and DJ and owner of two fridges. read less
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Season 2, episode 4: the end of 2manypodcasts (for the forseeable anyway)
Season 2, episode 4: the end of 2manypodcasts (for the forseeable anyway)
In this episode, our heroes come to the realisation that with dear Kyle moving to the ol' USA and dear Rob's doing whatever weird shit it is he does, that time between the two lads is now at a premium. 2manypodcasts is coming to an end. Will it last forever? Nobody knows. So for legal, moral and convenience reasons the line is "we're going on a hiatus" - much like The Thrills - who should actually never reform. They began the podcast as a protest that there's too many (and usually really shit) podcasts. So they decided not to help and add one more because there is too many podcasts and call it 2manypodcasts, which for those of you who aren't familiar is a play on the Belgian DJ duo 2manydjs. Who are actually deadly. For Belgians anyways (which isn't a real country). So of all the interesting little bits - q&a's, ChipAdvisor (a review of chips - or fries as they say in the Dakotas), and general shenanigans, it was a genuinely intriguing listen for the average layman. So much so, the podcast was officially (at one point anyways) the 37th most popular podcast in Ireland of the improv comedy genre. Is that good? Kyle and dear Rob certainly hope not. Stop listening to podcasts basically, will youse? So thank you to all of the dear listeners, a couple thousand of you no less, and all our guests - from Johnny Spillz to the bloke from the Arctic Monkeys, dear Kyle and Rob mon cherie thank you and for now, our heroes bid you adieu, or whatever it is people say to be fancy. 2manypodcasts is on hiatus as of now. Will our heroes say "Kyle, we're back" again? Maybe, baby. Maybe.
Episode 74: we're not doing episode 73 (out of respect)
Episode 74: we're not doing episode 73 (out of respect)
Dear listeners. As I'm sure you're aware, the previous episode was number 72. But for obvious reasons we can't do episode 73 - out of respect (or 'dear respect' as we like to say), so we're skipping straight to episode 74. I'm sure you can understand. This is a righteous episode of manic shit such as not one but two public service announcements regarding boozing. On that note, we deliver an update with Kyle's moving-to-Dallas situation such as "how are you gonna serve Guinness in the lone star state?" Also Kyle divulges some information about his next door neighbour's Instagram etiquette and it's fucked up. Not fucked up as in doing something illegal such as gun running or bootlegging scotch, but fucked up nonetheless. It's also totally pointless. Such is the bit about tattoo regret. But such is most things in life. I mean, when the sun becomes a red giant in approx 3.5 billion years and ends the earth as we know it, what will be left? No survivors but recordings of lads on podcasts who may or may not like their tattoos. Live in the moment, people. Live in the now!!! But most importantly our heroes discover that other podcasts - particularly Irish podcasts - are ABSOLUTELY FUCKING SHIT. There are too many podcasts and, you know what? We know we're not helping. Music at the outro is The Freaks Come Out At Night by The Swedish Railway Orchestra. Rob, mon cherie, made it. We can't afford to license other music, sorry.