I Saw What You Did - a film podcast with Danielle Henderson and Millie De Chirico

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Millie and Danielle, a film expert and a film enthusiast, program a double feature of their favorite movies with a different wild theme every week. Join these friends as they dissect the films and explore the weird ways we respond to and learn to love movies.

Millie De Chirico is a film programmer, writer, and historian with a career spanning nearly 20 years. She co-created and programmed the weekly cult movie franchise TCM Underground for Turner Classic Movies from 2006-2023. Her book, TCM Underground: 50 Must-See Films from the World of Classic Cult and Late-Night Cinema, is available now. Danielle Henderson is a TV writer and her credits include Difficult People on Hulu, Divorce on HBO, Maniac on Netflix, Dare Me on USA and more. Her memoir, The Ugly Cry, is available now.

I Saw What You Did is a welcome diversion from your usual film podcast. This is two emotionally intelligent Gen X women of color discussing cult classics through a feminist lens, all while sharing hot takes, revealing their film crushes and answering listener questions.

I Saw What You Did is part of the Exactly Right podcast network that provides a platform for bold, creative voices to bring to life provocative, entertaining and relatable stories for audiences everywhere. The Exactly Right roster of podcasts covers a variety of topics including true crime, comedic interviews, science, pop culture and more. Podcasts on the network include My Favorite Murder with Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark, That's Messed Up: An SVU Podcast, This Podcast Will Kill You, Bananas and more.

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Our Editor's Take

I Saw What You Did is a different kind of movie podcast. Millie De Chirico knows all about the craft of movies. Her friend Danielle Henderson knows what she likes when it comes to film. They are real-life friends who love to watch movies and talk about them. In each episode, they discuss two movies that share a theme. These are not double features one could expect to see on TCM. Millie's and Danielle's life experiences inform the connections. Some of the themes are "great '70s apartments," "really bad boyfriends," and "90s murderer Tiger Beat hotties."

I Saw What You Did is not pretentious. Millie does not enjoy spending time with other "film experts." In the first episode, she explains why she is happy to do this podcast with Danielle. Danielle loves movies but would never say, "Well, actually..." to her. The hosts don't shame people for not having seen certain "classic" films.

The I Saw What You Did hosts have fun and want their podcast to be a conversation with their listeners. They invite folks to email them if they find the content relatable or have something to add. They share listener messages on the podcast, often in bonus episodes. The hosts also once invited a listener onto the show. The listener wrote an email the hosts appreciated. The three had a lovely discussion about their experiences. It turned out that they have a lot in common.

I Saw What You Did is a podcast for people who enjoy analyzing films. Its humanity and accessibility make it a fun listen. New episodes come out several times each week.

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