What are public records and why are they so powerful? Sean O'Toole with PropertyRadar #ddre24

Data Driven Real Estate

10-12-2020 • 1 hr 6 mins

Sean O'Toole with PropertyRadar has been in the public records space, building ForeclosureRadar and then PropertyRadar, for over a decade. PropertyRadar is now national! Lots of effort has gone into building a platform that combines property, mortgage, and people data in a meaningful way that makes public records not only accessible but powerfully actionable. This week, Aaron and Sean celebrate the national launch, what are public records, real estate trends in 2021, different entrepreneurs that use PropertyRadar, and why next year will be the year of off-market real estate.

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00:00 The Data Driven Real Estate Podcast welcomes Sean O'Toole
01:43 PropertyRadar is now national! Sean talks about how he started PropertyRadar and what motivates him to invest in the business
04:00 What is a Public Record?
07:30 The role public records play in trust and freedom
11:15 Are public records free? Where and how to get them.
12:01 What different types of public records exist?
25:31 The democratization of data and how the cost to access has changed the game
27:40 Who sort of business use public records to market?
37:22 What does multi-sourced, baked-off, backtested, backfilled and what does it mean to data quality.
45:11 What new fields and data are available in PropertyRadar National?
45:23 What the addition of judicial foreclosure to PropertyRadar means for commercial real estate investors.
48:12 This mistake marketers and small business make with list building and buying ready-made popular lists
52:19 Aaron's favorite feature of PropertyRadar and how he uses it in the community
54:19 Is direct mail really expensive? (hint: no, not if done correctly)
57:10 What to expect in 2021?
1:02:12 Why public records aren't perfect and how they can vary from state to state and county to county.