Wall Street Institutional Investors and Scaling Business with Tommy Christy, ILoveHouses.com #DDRE42

Data Driven Real Estate

22-04-2021 • 59 mins

Tommy Christy is CEO of Alpine Holdings Inc. and Owner of ilovehouses.com, an asset acquisition platform aimed at facilitating property purchases nationwide through digital advertising and online media platforms. Tommy has over a decade of real estate investor experience and over $500 million in investment activity. He helped acquire, renovate, and lease over 2,700 homes in Northern California working with Invitation Homes. He's also done over 1,000 foreclosure and distressed flips personally.

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00:00​ The Data Driven Real Estate Podcast Welcomes Tommy Christy, CEO of Alpine Holdings, Inc. and owner of ILoveHouses.com
01:19​ Who is Invitation Homes?
03:41​ How did Tommy started in real estate?
12:25​ What were Wall Street institutional investors, like Invitation Homes,  chasing during the foreclosure crisis
14:07​ Key lessons from Invitation Homes that transferred ilovehouses.com
29:20​ What key markets is Tommy focused on
40:29​ Land development, flipping, and rentals?
45:45​ How can investors scale their business? What role is the BRRR model playing in his business?
49:50​ What data is important when selecting properties
53:52​ What KPIs are important for digital marketing? Why Tommy may be going back to direct mail marketing.
56:22​ What opportunity is ahead in 2021for real estate investors?