Land Investing and Sales with Jeff Tumbarello #DDRE39

Data Driven Real Estate

25-03-2021 • 1 hr

Jeff Tumbarello is the Broker/Owner of Steelbridge Realty LLC. He’s a data-driven expert in Southwest Florida that has survived hurricanes, a foreclosure crisis, and seasonal extremes. Jeff Tumbarello has performed market metrics and product modeling for capital markets and several private equity firms. His specialty is land acquisitions and sales in Florida which has unique challenges. He is also the founder of the Southwest Florida Real Estate Investors Association. Marine veteran.

00:00​ The Data Driven Real Estate Podcast Welcomes Jeff Tumbarello of Steelbridge Realty LLC
03:15​ How Jeff got started in real estate
05:57​ What is a real estate investor association
10:15​ What does a typical land investment look like in Florida?
18:49​ Jeff talked about what happened to the market after hurricane Charlie and how investors survived
25:47​ Is land banking a key strategy?
27:11​ The return on investment when it comes to land
29:25​ What type of leads are targeted
31:06​ What are key channels for marketing to potential land sellers
38:18​ Why investors should blame or be worried about ibuyers or proptech
40:24​ What makes a perfect team for land acquisition and sales?
48:58​ What technologies are used to help Jeff's land acquisition and sales teams market and close deals
53:10​ Jeff's predictions about the red-hot housing market in Florida