Finding Your Niche in Real Estate with John Schaub #DDRE40

Data Driven Real Estate

08-04-2021 • 54 mins

John Schaub has prospered during seven recessions, numerous tax law changes, and interest rates ranging from under 3% to 16% in his 40+ years as a real estate investor. His 2005 best-selling book, Building Wealth One House at a Time, has helped 100,000+ real estate enthusiasts on their way to successful invest­ing. This week we discuss how John started in the business and why he landed on more expensive inventory at higher price points for rentals. We learn how he identifies his perfect deals and why self-management is important.

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00:00​ The Data Driven Real Estate Podcast Welcomes John Schaub
00:31​ When did John started in the real estate business
03:47​ What changes were made to the latest edition to "Building Wealth One House At A time"
04:07​ Buying more expensive houses in better neighborhoods for rentals
08:13​ What attributes make up the perfect lot?
14:17​ When is the best time to sell real estate?
17:42​ What is a shared appreciation agreement?
19:30​ Does John use public records to find deals?
22:55​ Is debt a good idea for real estate investors at such low rates?
23:54​ Is now a good time to buy real estate
29:07​ Building relationship with tenants and tips on finding great ones
35:07​ Is self-management critical for real estate investors?
37:03​ What advice do you have for new investors just getting into the business?
50:02​ John's charity work in housing