Multifamily Accessory Dwelling Units with Retrofit1 #DDRE38

Data Driven Real Estate

18-03-2021 • 53 mins

Retrofit1 is a California design and build construction firm specializing in soft-story retrofitting and commercial accessory dwelling units. California ordinances are currently targeting specific residential and commercial properties with structural designs that don’t do well in earthquakes. ADUs are all the rage for residential properties, but most don’t know the state allows commercial owners to add additional units on-site as well. Stack the ADU strategy with retrofitting and you've got a very interesting opportunity at play. This week, we are joined by David Tashroudian and Helen Fower with Retrofit1 to better understand the opportunity, what California law outlines in the rules about commercial and multifamily ADUs, and ways to find them in your local market.

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00:00​ The Data Driven Real Estate Podcast Welcomes Helen Fower and David Tashroudian of Retrofit1
01:09​ Commercial and multifamily accessory dwelling units?
02:54​ What is commercial retrofitting?
08:05​ What is an accessory dwelling unit?
09:28​ What does the California ADU ordinance say about ADUs for commercial and multifamily properties?
13:43​ What building type is uniquely suited for ADUs?
18:10​ Case study of the C-shaped soft-story apartment with tuck-under parking replaced with two new ADU units
21:00​ Is the soft story ordinance local or statewide?
24:22​ Earthquake brace and bolt program
27:38​ If a building is currently under rent control, will a newly build ADU also be rent-controlled or at market rates?
29:37​ Any insights on builder codes for commercial spaces?
33:53​ What's the minimum square footage of an efficiency unit?
38:11​ Can manufactured housing and tiny homes work as ADUs?
40:21​ How does Retrofit1 connect with their ideal client?
43:51​ Tips on dealing with the tenants before they begin with the construction on ADUs
52:05​ How to get in contact with Retrofit1