Taxes for Real Real Estate Investors 2021 with David Erard, Armanino #DDRE36

Data Driven Real Estate

04-03-2021 • 53 mins

David Erard is a partner at Armanino, a top 25 independent accounting and business consulting firm in the US. David has more than 20 years of experience in the accounting industry, with specialties in distressed debt, Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) tax consulting and compliance, and structuring transactions for private equity firms and other real estate investors. David shares updates on potential tax changes at the federal and state levels and what strategies investors are focused on.

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00:00​ The Data Driven Real Estate Podcast Welcomes David Erard, CPA, Armanino
1:34​ How distressed debt has changed since 2009
10:57​ What are the common concerns real estate investors have in 2021?
15:09​ Suggestions for investors facing hardships and nonpaying tenants
17:35​ Tax provisions to watch at the federal and state levels
19:38​ Big year for foreclosures?
25:16​ Are some asset classes facing more distress?
27:30​ Will 1031 Exchanges be eliminated
37:53​ Are opportunity zones still beneficial?
39:30​ Differences between a 1031 exchange and Opportunity zones
46:41​ What opportunities should real estate investors focus on in 2021?