Senior Housing, Ding-Bat Rentals, and Accessory Dwelling Units with Ward Hanigan #DDRE34

Data Driven Real Estate

18-02-2021 • 58 mins

Ward Hanigan is a full-time foreclosure specialist and real estate investor based in San Diego County with over 40 years of real estate experience. He's trained some of the most successful and experienced real estate investors and trustee sale buyers. At 80 years old, he's still chasing deals and loves what he calls Ding-Bat Rentals. He's a perfect example of backing into a unique niche that no one else wants, and finds unique ways to attract tenants with an average lease-up of 25 years!  He's also recently discovered accessory dwelling units and he's got new ideas he's exploring.

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00:00​ The Data Driven Real Estate Podcast Welcomes Ward Hanigan, Founder of
00:04​ From A&W Franchisee to stocks to foreclosure investing, Ward shares his unusual journey into real estate investing
14:37​ Why Ward got into foreclosure investing
18:25​ Ding-Bat rentals and senior housing
23:44​ What is a wrap-around deed of trust or all-inclusive deed of trust?
26:44​ Why one-bedroom homes for seniors work best
30:07​ Properties selling cheap because nobody wants them
35:16​ Using other peoples' land to build ADUs for rentals
36:15​ Building accessory dwelling units for seniors
42:56​ Unique ways of connecting with section 8 seniors for future housing vacancies