The Future of Real Estate Transactions with Marnie Blanco, Dotloop

Data Driven Real Estate

17-12-2020 • 53 mins

Development, Product Management, Product Marketing, Training, and Support with 17 years focused in the Real Estate vertical. The real estate transaction has drastically changed and big announcements have been made in 2020. Digitizing transactions makes for a great consumer experience, helps agents get paid faster, and gives brokers and teams data-driven insights to improve business. Marnie helps us explore what this means for real estate, the problem tech giants are seeking to solve, the fear Realtors have, and how data is being used to refine the process.

00:00 The Data Driven Real Estate Podcast welcomes Marnie Blanco with Zillow's Dotloop
00:53 What is Dotloop?
06:03 Why is the real estate industry so resistant to technology?
08:01 What are the barriers in technology for a fully digital real estate transaction?
09:49 How brokers are relying more on technology for the data and to increase efficiencies in compliance (it's not just to make the consumer happy)
12:41 What brokers are learning because of the data captured from within Dotloop
17:00 What data points is Dotloop capturing?
18:52 Are shifting demographics in real estate more technology demanding?
21:38 Introducing partners at the right point in the transaction and how partnerships like Earnnest and Notarize drive further digitization of the real estate transaction (while decreasing fraud)
23:24 The California Association of Realtors and dotloop partnership
26:55 How much time can you save in doing transactions in Dotloop? Reasons why that is hard to answer and may not be the right question to ask
35:27 Zillow Offer and buyer trends. Why agents need to stop worrying and get to work
38:08 Strategic ways Realtors focus on differentiation and less on the transaction (hint: find a niche)
38:34 Covid related real estate trends seen in the data
40:42 Marnie give tips on how to adopt to the new technology and be a better data-driven business
46:47 Off-market real estate and the seller's market in 2021, and trends to watch including ancillary services and vertical integration moves in real estate
49:25 Virtual reality, augmented reality, and how companies like Home Depot are pushing us more online

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