Real Estate Investing in 2021 with Mike Cantu #ddre31

Data Driven Real Estate

28-01-2021 • 1 hr 1 min

Mike Cantu is undoubtedly one of Southern California’s best-known real estate investors. He’s been a full-time real estate investor and real estate entrepreneur for over 35 years. Mike runs a buy/sell business as well as managing a portfolio of rental houses out of Southern California. He’s the author of Don’t Get Voted Off Real Estate Island and Rental Properties and Management From A to Z. Prior to real estate, Mike was a professional skateboarder on the Pepsi Skateboard team from 16 to 21 years old. This week, we talk about Mike's continued love of real estate, his favorite deal sources, managing his rental portfolios, how the market has changed, and strategies he's using in 2021 to buy deals in his back yard.

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00:00​ The Data Driven Real Estate Podcast Welcomes Mike Cantu, California real estate investor
00:06​ Why Mike still loves the game of real estate
03:29​ The important difference between investing in houses vs. homes
06:37​ How to find real estate deals in 2021
12:13​ Real estate flipping, wholesaling, and rentals. What's the mix?
14:27​ Wholesaling and creating a buyers list
19:03​ Understanding the tax ramifications when you flip and hold
21:26​ Why Mike still buys real estate. Appreciation, depreciation, or both?
24:45​ What is the average length of stay for tenants?
27:00​ How has Mike's landlord style impacted his rental portfolio during COVID?
32:06​ How Mike acquired his first rentals?
32:47​ What is subject to investing?
36:16​ Single-family homes or multifamily property investing?
38:43​ How has marketing mix changed over the past decade to get real estate deals? Direct mail still work?
44:29​ Are creative financing deals possible these days?
48:49​ Advice for new real estate investors
51:52​ People problems vs property problems