Real Estate Predictions 2021 with Daryl Fairweather, PhD, Redfin #ddre27

Data Driven Real Estate

31-12-2020 • 57 mins

Daryl Fairweather is the chief economist of @Redfin. Prior to joining Redfin, she was a senior economist at Amazon working on problems related to employee engagement and managing a team of analysts. During the housing crisis, Daryl worked as a researcher at the Boston Fed studying why homeowners entered foreclosure. This week, we cover migration trends, what buyers are looking for in a new city, which pandemic real estate trends (like work from home) are here to stay, and what real estate professionals should know about trends in 2021.

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00:00 The Data Driven Real Estate Podcast Welcomes Daryl Fairweather, PhD, Chief Economist of Redfin
00:59 What is Redfin and Redfin Concierge?
04:05 Foreclosure crisis in 2021?
05:25 COVID-related migration and real estate prices
12:14 What real estate trends in 2020 were surprising?
13:24 What is behavioral economics?
19:23 Gen Z and Y trends in real estate?
24:06 Is work from home the new normal?
29:50 What are people looking for when they move to a new city?
35:43 Are there any specific criteria that people look for when buying a home?
37:03 What real estate trends should we expect in 2021? Affordability? Interest rates?
39:56 Cities are going to invest in culture to keep people from moving?
41:22 Does lower interest rates increase home affordability?
45:35 Baby Boomer real estate trends?
49:07 Will the US mimic Japan on inflation and interest rates?