Workplace Wellbeing - Bec Mitchell

Puka Up - Your Weekly Wellbeing Conversation

02-12-2020 • 57 mins

Bec Mitchell holds a Bachelor of Physiotherapy, a Masters in Psychology & Neuroscience & Certificates in Meditation Teaching and Nutrition.

Bec works with some of the country’s most recognisable and successful organisations helping companies deliver a range of evidence-based wellbeing and wellness workshops as well as consulting with businesses to create genuine behavioural change with measurable results. She is also a sought-after keynote speaker on the topics of corporate wellness and evidence-based wellbeing.

In this episode Bec talks about the compelling business case for companies to invest into the wellbeing of their staff, the biggest barrier to investment is cost and the minimum ROI for every dollar invested is four dollars.

Bec talks about healthy employees being three times more productive and employees with a best friend in the workplace are seven times more productive, how businesses should seek to understand their people before seeking to be understood and companies that do prioritise wellbeing have great results with talent acquisition and retention.

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