You're the Dj, I'm the Podcaster

Mike Kincaide

Music provides our lives with a proper soundtrack and this podcast celebrates my wide range of friends (and strangers becoming new friends) and their love of music from the super-famous to the virtually unknown. Friends and strangers, along with their stories - and everyone has a story... and other life travels. We talk sports, books, comedy, sex, movies, dating,TV shows, politics....who knows where the day takes us, but prepare for a wild ride. You're the DJ, I'm the Podcaster lives and breathes inspired by the spirit of Hunter Thompson and we pride ourself on being transparent, honest, and opinionated, which makes it again - a wild ride. Created & Hosted by the big homie Mike Kincaide (That's Me!) check it out....who knos you might learn a thing or two or even make a new friend, or find a new artist to add to your own soundtrack of life. DISCLAIMER: I own none of the music thats on any of the episodes and recieve ZERO profit from them. Its just music we love and appreicate and we thank the artists for their amazing work making such great music and for not suing us. Wannabe on the show? Hit me up with your favorite artist and your name at read less