Foul Take Ep. 14 (JA out indefinitely for Grizz, KD injured AGAIN, AD trying to save Lakers playoff chances, Draymond and Dillon Brooks beef + Fred VanVleet postgame interview and new bets)

Foul Take

10-03-2023 • 1 hr 4 mins

Foul Take is a brand new NBA podcast hosted by MKay from Degenerate Media Network and Cullen from AllhailBBall, this podcast dives into NBA weekly except with a twist! Each week we will be giving some of the juiciest highlights, rumors, stories, and more. These degenerates come together for the love of basketball and look forward to giving you a weekly pod with some of the best entertaining stories.

Tonight's lineup:

- What's on the wire:

Top topics to discuss this week:

  1. JA is out indefinitely for Grizz
  2. Celtics give up double-digit leads and losing
  3. AD trying to save Laker's playoff chances
  4. Draymond on Dillon Brooks
  5. Kristaps Porzing god-

Foul Take:

  • Sacramento gets knocked out 2nd round
  • Sun's chances of championship dramatically decreased after KD went down
  • Vanfleet ref vent
  • Josh Giddey proves u don’t need dribble moves
  • Mikal Bridges is my favorite player
  • Bronny James tweet -

- Di** head of the week

- Degen Bets (slate for 3/9)

MK: Nuggets ML, Knicks +6, Portland ML, Philly ML

Cris: Brooklyn spread. Lakers ML, Pelicans ML, Philly ML

Cullen: Brooklyn ML, Lakers ML, Portland ML, Washington ML



"Marathon Prep: A Day in the Life of a Marathoner Without Training"


Conversation on Maintaining a Fitness Regimen and Mental Confidence


Heading: Discussion of NBA Player Josh Morant's Suspension and Powerade Ad Campaign


Conversation on the Potential Cost of Sponsorship and Brand Deals for NBA Player Chris O'nba


Analysis of the Boston Celtics' Recent Struggles


Discussion on the Boston Celtics' Recent Performance


Heading: Analyzing the 76ers, Celtics, Knicks, and Lakers Playoff Chances


Analysis of Anthony Davis' Performance in the Lakers' Recent Games


Heading: Ad's Performance and Impact on the Lakers


Heading: Analysis of the Beef Between the Memphis Grizzlies and Golden State Warriors


Heading: Porzingis' Unbelievable Stat Line and Return to the NBA


Heading: Discussion of Sacramento Kings' Playoff Chances


"The Kings' Playoff Chances: A Conversation"


Analysis of the Impact of Kevin Durant's Return on the Phoenix Suns' Chances in the Western Conference


Conversation Summary: Western Conference Playoff Outlook


"Fred VanVleet's Emotional Interview: Referees' Egotistical Behavior in the NBA"


Discussion of Josh Giddy's Basketball Skills and TikTok Reactions


Discussion of Mikel Bridges' NBA Career and LeBron's Tweet About Bronny


Grant Williams' Missed Free Throws


"NBA Degen Segment: Updated Rankings and Sports Betting Discussion"


NBA Betting Discussion: Denver vs. Brooklyn, New York vs. Los Angeles, Portland vs. New Orleans, and Washington vs. Philadelphia


Episode #14: Sports Picks for March 9th - Foul Take Podcast

Message to the sponsor:

AllhailBBall + Degenerate Media Network

Thank you for listening!

We look forward to seeing you again next week!

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