Entrepreneur, academic, coach, CEO – Find out why there’s no stopping this lady…

With Tracy

26-04-2021 • 41 mins

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In this episode we hear from Jill Bausch co-founder of Vivepoint, an executive coaching organisation, but that is just a snippet of what she has been up to.  Living and working  across Asia, Africa, North America and Europe her career has been as vibrant and diverse as those countries.  With a MSc in Population and International Development, she’s also a qualified Practitioner in Executive Coaching and been CEO at Futures Group Europe, managing healthcare impact and behaviour change programmes globally.   On top of that she set up VivePoint a business that specialises in talent management and executive coaching, she says to “convert thinking about doing into action”, and currently also sits as a Director for SRI Executive a global Executive Search and Strategy consulting practice.  And guess what I have left out a fair bit so join in the conversation With Tracy and Jill and find out the rest of her story.

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