It All Started at Sea!

With Tracy

25-01-2021 • 46 mins

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This podcast charts the career of Laura Dinham a lady who started life as an accountant but thought ‘no’ this is not for me so took off sailing across the Pacific having only ever been out in a dinghy before!  She then spent 2 years ‘yacht hopping’ round the world before becoming a chef on super-yachts.  When suddenly on a trip home she suffered a severe allergic reaction to dairy.  After trying prescribed medication with no luck, she turned to a naturapath which actually worked, so Laura decided to make another career move this time to research and study functional nutrition and lifestyle medicine.  Passing with flying colours her passion grew and she launched Laura Dinham Nutrition.  Another adventure which she has now expanded to include the new Hocatt Ozone therapy travelling around the South of Britain.  Listen and find out more about this incredible woman.

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