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Sumedhaa Kothari

Insofar as learning is parabolic, join us as we ~solve for why~ so many unexpected things have happened while building a business at the intersection of art, business, sustainability and fashion. read less
002: Why Should We Rethink the Title "Fashion Designer"?
002: Why Should We Rethink the Title "Fashion Designer"?
Through the experience of seeing a fellow designer shift their entire life course away from the industry as a whole, we explore where this title can go right for people in the industry and where it can go wrong. In this episode we explore the following concepts: Fashion as an Industry, Legitimization of Fashion as an Art Form, Art Vs. Design, and close with a personal story as to why these questions matter. Theme music by Brooks Hamilton / @brohama If you learned something you loved or have thoughts for improvement please do not hesitate to reach out in the following places: - Instagram: @thewhyintercept, @by.sume⁠ - Website: - TikTok: @by.sume - Youtube: @bysume Recommended reading: In Defense of Fashion as a True Art Form This is Why I Hate "Fashion" (Dan Trepanier, Stylist) Art vs Design The truth about Art vs. Design [Book] Fashion as Communication By Malcolm Barnard (Plato Text) [Study] The Emotional Wardrobe (Sensory clothing) What Are the 7 Different Forms of Art? Other: [Study] Who Leads the Clothing Fashion: Style, Color, or Texture? A Computational Study [Research Paper] Class-based emotions and the allure of fashion consumption [Study] Art seen from outside: Non-artistic legitimation within the field of fashion design [Research Paper] A general theory of artistic legitimation: How art worlds are like social movements [Disc Forum] What is the difference between a designer and an artist? What is the Difference between a Designer and an Artist? From NYC to Place Vendôme: Daniel Roseberry on Reviving Schiaparelli’s Playful Spirit Why I hate fashion (funny) Artist vs. Designer: What's the Difference? Is fashion a true art form? The difference between an Artist, Designer, Creative, and Maker. [Research Paper] Artworks versus designs [Research Paper] Art versus Design: The Debate 1760-1860 What are the 7 Forms of Art? A Complete Overview Quilt art - Wikipedia [Research Report] Why contemporary fine art artists are starving in Latvia? [Research Report] Artist Salary Now! [Research Report] Business model innovation – state of the art and future challenges for the field [Book] The Value of Arts for Business By Giovanni Schiuma [Research Report] Marketing fine art on the Internet: issues and ideas [Disc Forum] What do you love, or hate about fashion?  The culture business: management strategies for the arts-related business. Types of Art – A Brief Exploration of the Different Kinds of Art What Is the Purpose of Music? The Creativity Of Upcycling: Design Solution for the Planet