Whose Life is it Anyway? Podcast

Whose Life is it Anyway? Podcast | Room228

Welcome to Whose Life Is It Anyway, clearly, it's an improv comedy podcast, but on this show...the points DO matter! This is a show where all the stories you’re about hear were completely made up on the spot, guided and prompted by real improv comedy games. How does it work? Well two players are tasked with having a podcast-like interview or conversation, making it all up as they go, but there’s a 3rd guest who can interrupt at any time and give them new rules or new direction for their conversation via a list of different improv games and guidelines. How do you win? Well, if a player breaks character or simply doesn’t follow the rules of the game they’re in at the time, the other person is awarded a point and at the end of a 20 minute time limit, the guest with the most points wins and becomes known to the world as a comedic genius! read less