Waters is a self-proclaimed self-mastery writer and orator who is heavily involved in realigning the personal development culture in his community. Coining the terms “motivational listener” and “true self-mastery,” the author aims to bring a modern-day flair to the self-help literary industry by merging today’s pop culture style and cadence with the long-forgotten morals of the historical figures that helped shape his ideologies. In these “audio engagements” also a term coined by Waters he focuses on his self titled titles called “Top of the Dome Topics” and “Behind the Quotes”. In the “Top of the Dome Topics” segments he talks about things that randomly come in his head during times of reading, research or just everyday events. The “Behind the Quotes” segments are where he gives an in depth overview of the meaning behind the self made quotes he has come up with in his life time. All roads lead to true self mastery in the words of Waters himself. Please believe this podcast will flow like water, but also be real raw and heated. Happy listening. read less