#3 How to attract listeners with your podcast artwork

Podcasting in 3 Easy Steps

29-09-2022 • 3 mins

Want to create artwork for your podcast that's going to cut through the noise and attract the right listeners?

In this episode, Julie-Anna talks about podcast artwork.

Here are your 3 easy steps:

1. Make it bold, eye-catching and ensure the text is easy to read when it’s shrunk down to a thumbnail image, which is how it will appear on a mobile phone.

2. Keep it simple. Don’t clutter it up with too many images, branding and text. This will also make it easier to create.

3. Make sure your artwork is a square image. Have a look at Apple Podcast’s homepage for some inspiration.


Your podcast should comply with Apple Podcasts’ artwork requirements: https://podcasters.apple.com/support/896-artwork-requirements

Here’s a blog from Buzzsprout on creating podcast artwork: https://www.buzzsprout.com/blog/10-tips-create-awesome-podcast-artwork

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