40. Partner's Relationship After Birth

The Beyond Resilience Life

24-03-2020 • 46 mins

In today's episode, I have a great conversation with Denise Vite, LCSW about how a couple's relationship is impacted by the baby's birth.

Tune in to listen to all the great recommendations she gives on how to reconnect with your partner once the baby arrives, like the "Bringing Baby Home" workshop she hosts at her practice.

Some of the resources Denise talked about are;

- And Baby Makes Three, by John Gottman, PhD

- 7 Principles of Making Marriage Work, by John Gottman, PhD

- How Not To Hate Your Husband After Kids, by Jancee Dunn

- Hold Me Tight Retreats and Workshops by Dr. Sue Johnson

- Mom and Mind Podcast: Check out episode 105 on Postpartum     Sex

For more information about Denise, check out her website https://www.compassionatewellnesoc.com, or on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/compassionatewellnessoc/.

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