"Competition is good for inventors” - Interview with Dr. Lola Awoniyi-Oteri (World IP Day Special)

IP Stories

25-04-2023 • 29 mins

This episode is part of our Word IP Day special, that this year is about ‘Women and IP: Accelerating innovation and creativity’. To honour such an important subject, we have interviewed four successful women inventors with extensive IP knowledge. Their stories and messages of encouragement for anyone interested in pursuing their careers in the STEM industries, and particularly for young women, are inspiring. If you enjoy this episode as much as we enjoyed bringing it to you, please remember to share and follow us!

In this episode we talk with Dr. Lola Awoniyi-Oteri, Principal Engineer within the wireless R&D at Qualcomm. She is currently working in 5G technologies standardization as well as research of the next generation (6G). We talked, amongst other things, about the ways technology can improve our lives, how to leverage your situation as a minority in the STEM industries and how competition is good for inventors.

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